Welcome to Mike Tang Audio.
This is the place to explore my audio venture, beliefs, dream & fulfillment from the delicate stylus to speaker.
I love music as much as you do. Personally, I find the analog source music reproduction sounds much better to my ears. Digital is very convenient, however analog source sounds closer to the original.
In addition, I import Feastrex full range single speaker drivers from Japan. It is available in Canada if you are interested.
Music Make
Every Day Beautiful
  1. Carot One Fabriziolo
    Carot One Fabriziolo
    Tube headphone amplifier
  2. ORB Jade to Go
    ORB Jade to Go
    Portable headphone amplifier
  3. Carot One Ernestolo
    Carot One Ernestolo
    Tube headphone power amplifier
  4. Cables from 60'S
    Cables from 60'S
    Western Electric Cable
  5. Speaker cable
    Speaker cable
    Western Electric
  6. Speaker Cable
    Speaker Cable
    Western Electric
  7. Dragon Dot
    Dragon Dot
    Dragon Dot Phono Maximizer